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Arknights has launched the Contingency Contract Season 1 event on iOS and Android, which promises new content in the form of stages, rewards, and operators.Contingency Contract is a seasonal event which includes a long series of highly customisable and challenging stages, each one designed to test the strength and flexibility of your squad. This season has eight different sites, each with their own maps and enemies. One of them is staying throughout the season permanently, while the other seven sites rotate on a daily basis.All you need to know about the Arknights bannersThis also equals two brand new sites which replace the two old ones from Arknights’ Season 0, so those who have already played in the former seasons can have a new experience. By combining the contracts with new sites, it ensures that you can expect to encounter the biggest challenges to date.There will also be a bunch of new rewards to amass during the event, with the cross-season Secret Sanctuary being open to all for redeeming rewards collecting during the season. Some of the special new rewards for the season include a new outfit for Manticore, a rerun outfit for Perfumer and Barrenland. The Pyrite Pennant Furniture Set and the Royal Vanguard Tokens will also be available, and you’re also able to redeem Elite Materials, LMD, Furniture Part, Battle Record, and Chips.If you’re more excited about the prospect of new operators though, then fear not. Two new ones, named Asbestos and Tsukinogi, will be joining Arknight during this event. Asbestos is a five-star Defender who specialises in dealing and mitigating Arts damage, while Tsukinogi is a five-star Supporter who can reduce damage taken by allies, and has the power to remove enemy's stealth. Both operators will be rate-up in the Limited-time Headhunting Misty Wild.Download Arknight from the iOS App Store and Google Play for Android.Read our list to learn more about the best strategy games available on Android..

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