Thumb Bike Drifting Crime MissionMOD (Unlimited Hints/Scanners/Timers) v1.8.5

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Game introduction

�A CROW perishing with thirst saw a pitcher, and hoping to find water, flew to it with delight. When he reached it, he discovered to his grief that it contained so little water that he could not possibly get at it. He tried everything he could think of to reach the water, but all his efforts were in vain. At last he collected as many stones as he could carry and dropped them one by one with his beak into the pitcher, until he brought the water within his reach and thus saved his life.

Game features:

1、�The Goat and the Goatherd

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Game play:

1、Each cheek a river running from a fount�

2、�Heads up you lot, the Bronze Award-winning block-hopper Down The Mountain has arrived on Android.As we said in our review of the iOS version, it's a bit like if Crossy Road had decided to remix Qbert instead of Frogger.Basically, you have to hop down a mountain, block-by-block, avoiding traps and whatever barmy creatures are in the way. Cows and sticky jam sandwiches, and all that.Sometimes you have to be quick, too, as the mountain's top layer starts collapsing, triggering the panic of a chase."We've fixed a bunch of things since the original iOS version, and are currently working on adding an easy mode too," the game's creators tell us.All good then. Well, hop to it you Android players, and grab Down The Mountain for free on Google Play.



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