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<p>Assemble With Care, Ustwo's delightful story-driven puzzler, has today received a major update. It adds an epilogue level that is said to be the game's longest and most ambitious to date, bringing together mechanics from across the entire tale while also adding some fresh surprises into the mix.</p><p>As you'd expect, the epilogue takes place following the events of the main game. You'll help cafe owner Carmen cheer up her sister by skilfully reassembling an old espresso machine and preparing the perfect latte. Interestingly, this is only the first of several content updates planned for the game.</p><p>If you missed it at launch, Assemble With Care casts you as antique restorer Maria, who arrives in Bellariva to help the locals bring their cherished possessions back to their former glory. The epilogue will apparently reveal the full impact of her visit on those she's helped along the way.</p>.

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