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<p>Plague Inc's success came out of nowhere. After becoming a huge hit on iOS and despite not looking like much, the game expanded onto Android and Steam and went on be played by more than 65 million players.</p><p>What's even more amazing is that the creator of the app became well known and even had a conference at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).</p><p>While not something that will fit in your pocket, it's still quite astonishing to see that the game will now become a real, physical boardgame for up to five players.</p><p>You might be thinking about Pandemic right now, a massively popular boardgame centered around viruses and outbreaks, but Plague Inc will be a competitive affair pitting your diseases against one another.</p><p>The boardgame should be available as part of a Kickstarter camapign.</p><p>The digital game will soon be updated with a new patch containing Mutation 12 and if you own an iOS device, you can apply for become a beta tester right here.</p>.

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