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2、Have you ever played those fancy, digital slot machines at the casino that try to resemble video games?Spinlanders takes that concept and rolls with it, taking it a step further with some RPG elements.It’s a video game that draws inspiration from slot machine games that draw inspiration from video games.Only, funny enough, it’s completely free to play.In Spinlanders, you spin reels like a slot machine to determine your next move.Matches let you attack, loot, and more across 30 stages. You can even get multi-line spins, just like with real slot machines.Except you won’t be losing any real money in the process.Spinlanders had a Kickstarter way back in 2012.It wasn't successful, but despite that the game is now out on iOS, with an Android version coming soon.Download Spinlanders for free on the App Store.vshareapkdownload.com&#;


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1、�Some of us like to build things, while others delight in tearing them down. Wrecking Squad, the latest arcade hit from Big Blue Bubble, is sure to appeal to the latter, with some 250 levels of destructive delights. Your task is to guide your Wrecking Squad as they destroy everything in sight with a wide array of tools for the job while kicking out the evil Robo-Jerks roaming the city.




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