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<p>DeNA has rolled out another major update to the Bronze Award-winning Final Fantasy Record Keeper on Android. It's not available for iOS players yet, I'm afraid.</p><p>It adds Master Soul Breaks, which means your characters can use their Soul Breaks even when not using the corresponding equipment.</p><p>Plus, it's now possible to choose from several different Soul Breaks during battles instead of sticking to just one.</p><p>Another change that will be much appreciated is the enemy HP now being shown. It means you can better plan out your tactics while fighting as you can see when the enemy is about to die.</p><p>You can also "customize your battle experience" in the options now, so give that a look in the settings too.</p><p>Oh, and that's not all either. A new Challenge Event is available in both the iOS and Android versions. You have until August 20th to beat it.</p><p>All you have to do is take down the boss in the Elite Dungeons. Once done, you can recruit Lightning and Sazh from Final Fantasy XIII to your party.</p><p>You'll also get their Memory Crystals so remember to use them to break their level cap.</p><p>The boss has a 50 percent resistance to break effects and so it's advised that you use abilities like Boost to raise your Attack. Protectga and Shellga should also help to decrease incoming damage.</p><p>If you haven't already, you can download Final Fantasy Record Keeper for free on the App Store and Google Play.</p>.

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