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<p>TinyBuild Games has put its Gold Award-winning hyperactive RPG Fearless Fantasy on sale on iOS. For today only, you can grab it for free.</p><p>I don't mean to get all Don Corleone on you, but surely that's an offer you can't refuse, right?</p><p>It's a bizarre and fast-paced RPG that combines swipe-based QTE elements with traditional turn-based battles.</p><p>And, my, the ugly things you fight: space hoppers with teeth, purple flowers with disgusting tongues, pot-bellied sun bathers. I wouldn't be surprised if Betelgeus had come up with the enemy designs.</p><p>Anyway, our reviewer said that Fearless Fantasy is a "bright and ingenious combination of mechanics that'll suck you in and refuse to let go."</p><p>Grab it on the App Store for free - and remember, it's today only.</p>.

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