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On the stranger side of things, and to contradict the fact that Nintendo said they aren't bringing in new content updates, Super Mario Run recently got a new 'Friendly Run' mode.The Friendly Run mode means that you can now compete against your SMR friends without using up any Rally Tickets. Of course, there's a catch. Players with the free version of the game get to race once per day. Those with the premium title get a little more opportunity as you can race a little more - clearing World One means you can race up to three times a day, whilst clearing World Two and above get five races a day.Much like many online private game-modes, you don't earn anything whilst competing in it. It's quite literally just for fun and bragging rights, but that's okay. It does feel a little like Nintendo's sweetener to pull players back once the game is complete, but whether people dig that kind of thing or not is totally subjective.I guess we'll have to wait and see if any more content comes to the game, or whether Nintendo's call of 'no content updates ever' was really just a marketing ploy..

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